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В качестве унифицированной основы для постройки дебаркадеров мы используем 4 типовых модуля железобетонного корпуса


Малый модуль грузоподъемностью 990 тонн (габариты 24х16х4 метра)


Модуль грузоподъемностью 2050 тонн (габариты 48х16х4 метра)


Модуль грузоподъемностью 3160 тонн (габариты 72х16х4 метра)


Большой модуль грузоподъемностью 4280 тонн (габариты 96х16х4 метра)


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Company History

Since 1994 “TiON-Stroyinvest” ltd. has been engaged in construction and design of reinforced concrete vessels (landing stages), hydro technical constructions and surface objects of Responsibility Level II.

Our first landing stage with a berth was built in 1995 and was set on Frunzenskaya Embankment. Up to March 2006 this landing stage had been the property of our company and later that year it was sold to a new owner. Now it is a restaurant, named “Skazka Vostoka”.

Over the past 19 years of construction activity the company has built more than 250 ground facilities - shopping malls, offices, houses, restaurants and cafes, entertainment centers, bowling alleys, manufacturing facilities etc. But through all this time the company’s major was modernization and renovation of landing stages.

By December 1, 2013 we had delivered to our clients: 13 landing stages designed for various purposes, 2 yacht-clubs with gabion coast protection, 1 floating car park, 9 berths and 19 repaired reinforced concrete bodies.

The company consists of: shipbuilding organization, design and engineering office, laboratory of nondestructive weld inspection and reinforced concrete fault detection and since 2013 there is a shipyard specializing on construction of rackmount composite vessels (hull and superstructure) in the city of Kolomna.

Our company executes the following construction works:
  • examination and flaw detection of reinforced concrete and steel bodies
  • engineering and design
  • document arrangement and coordination with the Russian River Register
  • waterproofing and hulls (bodies) repair
  • production of modular reinforced concrete hulls
  • connection to the communications
  • construction of berths (piers) and car parks on the water
  • finishing works and equipment adjustments
  • passing the object to the Russian River Register

In addition to performing shipbuilding works the company does construction of mooring facilities (berths), yacht ports and gabion bank protection.

Each vessel passed to the customer is provided with a full package of operational documents, including ones from the Russian River Register. This ensures environmental protection and high standards of fire security on the ship.

TiON - Stroyinvest Ltd has a Russian River Register certificate of recognition, which is updated every two years.

Our company works in cooperation with the following organizations: “The Office of naval engineers", the Institute of "Hyprorechtrans", Volzskaya State Academy of Water Transport, Nizhny Novgorod (VSAWT), "Podvodspezstroy" CJSC, "UIC "TransGidroProject" CJSC, "Intermodal transport group" CJSC, "River construction company" CJSC, FBU "Podvodrechstroy", "Monolith" ltd, Gorodets (The region of Nizhny Novgorod ) and others.

Significant and successful experience in shipbuilding of rackmount vessels on the basis of landing stages allows us to confidently offer services to our customers and interesting projects to our investors.

A distinctive feature of our company is a constant research and introduction of new engineering solutions, technologies, and materials, as well as the advanced developments in the field of energy saving and environmental protection.