Modular Reinforced Concrete Hull

Tion-Stroyinvest ltd has been engaged in construction of superstructures on reinforced concrete hulls and repair of the hulls for over 20 years.

In 2011 our company made a significant step in its quality development and started to incarnate the plan of independent producing of modular reinforced concrete hulls for new floating objects. The main essence of the innovative idea is that the board and the bottom of the hull consist of concrete and the bearing inner bulkheads are made of steel. This provides an opportunity to facilitate the overall weight of the vessel, to increase its carrying capacity, to reduce the cost of the project and the time of construction without reducing the operating life. In addition, there is applied the principle of modular construction, that is the vessel is assembled from modules of the 24×16 m size. Together there can be assembled up to 4 modules, which are manufactured on the stocks and docked in the water. Accordingly, the hull length can vary from 48 m (two modules) to the maximum length - 96 m (four modules) depending on the vessel’s purpose.


Each module of a hold consists of 3 transverse bulkheads, which divide it into four compartments of a 6x16 m size (total area of each compartment is 96 m2). These modules are separated by a watertight bulkheads. Also the undoubted advantage of this project is hull's board height, which is 4 m, it allows you to use the hold spaces not only as technical areas, but also for the living and working premises of the staff. Large opening of the deck creates additional possibilities when choosing the material and placing entries in the hold. It also gives an increase in carrying capacity and ease of further design and construction of the superstructure. In addition the definite plus is the possibility of transporting the individual modules with the assembly into a single body already in place of permanent dislocation.


As a unified basis for the construction of landing stages, we use four types of reinforced concrete hulls.

Modular Reinforced Concrete Hull
RRR Class   "R" 1,2 "R" 1,2 "R" 1,2 "R" 1,2
Length m 24 48 72 96
Width m 16,0 16,0 16,0 16,0
Board Height m 4,0 4,0 4,0 4,0
Dock Weight t 412 758 1044 1332
Carrying Capacity t 990 2050 3160 4280
Light Draught m 1,07 0,99 0,91 0,87
Loader Draught m 3,66 3,66 3,66 3,66
Hull Material   Composite steel-ferroconcrete
Concrete Grade   В40
Armature Grade   А-III
Steel Grade   St3

The project of the composite vessel is approved by the Russian River Register in accordance with the letter № MF-P587-1964 from 07.11.2012. The construction of hulls and vessel superstructures is carried out under the technical supervision of Russian River Register.

In accordance with customer requirements there can be installed various superstructures on the reinforced concrete hulls.

All shipbuilding work is carried out using industry-guiding and regulatory documentation, including the following regulations of the company agreed with the Russian River Register:

  • TU № 07/06-01 from 07.06.2012 "Concrete for hull structures and superstructures of ships with the RRR class. Specifications";
  • TI № 09/11-02 from 09.11.2012 "Tests for impermeability of reinforced concrete hulls of ships under construction, made using concrete according to TU № 07/06-01 from 07.06.2012. Technological instruction";
  • MU № 17/08-01 from 17.08.2012 "Flaw detection of reinforced concrete hull. Methodological guidelines";
  • TU № 11/10-02 from 11.10.2012 "Shotcrete in the production, conversion, modernization, renovation and repair of vessels with RRR class. Specifications".